Sunday, June 2, 2013

Instagram Lake Weekend

AB, the dogs, and I headed up to Kerr Lake yesterday to put the boat(s) in the water, help AB's parents with some things, and let the dogs enjoy some water fun. My parents just happened to be camping at Kerr Lake this weekend so yesterday evening the 4 of us and the dogs rode the pontoon boat over to visit them. They had a great campsite right by the water, and while I'm not a fan of camping at the beach (sand in my pants!) they had a pretty great set-up. Today we spent a few hours in the sun and then headed home fairly early; AB is on call tonight and I actually get to sign up online for my next schedule- super excited to have some control over my work days! Oh, and as for the boat- we got it in the water but that was it; a 1986 Evinrude motor can only last for so long before it needs help...this year is the help.


  1. You need to get on your mom's case and get her to update her blog. Surely if she can go camping for a weekend, she can post pics of it!

  2. Agreed! I will do my best :-)


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