Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weight Watchers: Week 2- Overdue!

I thought I did pretty well with staying in my points, not drinking much, and avoiding the cupcakes. I was also averaging 45min-55min of cardio exercise a day. Doesn't show...

Weight- 167
Bust- 40
Waist- 34
Hips- 40
Dress Size- 12

Week 1:
Weight- 160
Bust- 39
Waist- 32
Hips- 39
Dress Size- TBD

Week 2:
Weight- 162
Bust- 39
Waist- 32
Hips- 39
Dress Size- TBD

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  1. Gained weight but no inches, hmmm, must be building muscle. Don't be discouraged, keep at it. It does work. Of course, we think you're perfect as is...


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