Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Recently I discovered a website via a friend which lists free books available for the Kindle and Nook on a daily basis. The website is Bookbub and so far I've managed to download quite a few books that have turned out to be enjoyable reads. As some may or may not know, a lot of eBooks now are not edited due to the fact that authors can publish their own books online without going through an editor or publishing company. I'm not sure whether those books are more or less likely to be offered for free at some point, but I have found that the editing is lacking in several of the books I've downloaded (although the story line was still well developed). Regardless, if you're one who loves to read and likes a good deal, visit the site; you may find something you really like!

*When you visit Bookbub, it will ask for your email address right away. Once you enter it, the site sends you a list of free books each day- they have not sent me any other emails or spam for those who are concerned about that kind of thing! I don't download from the site (I'm not sure if you can?)- I just check out the book descriptions then head over to Amazon and download the ones that interest me.

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