Saturday, April 13, 2013

The End of a [Short] Era

This past Wednesday was my last day working as an RN in the recovery room at [for those who know me, insert hospital name here] one of our country's larger teaching hospitals*. While I'd been counting down to "the end" for quite a while, when the time came to say good bye to the many people that aren't into social networking and therefore I'm highly unlikely to ever see again. I realized that leaving was bittersweet. This job was my first one out of nursing school and I had ignored just how many truly awesome people I had been able to get to know and work around, and just how much this job had taught me about healthcare. My unit was even kind enough to throw a dessert party for another coworker and I as a farewell celebration (cupcakes, they knew me well). Surprisingly, I teared up a little at the end of the night, but the spat my manager and I got into the first half of the day unfortunately overshadowed everything else (and did she say goodbye to me? wish me well? wish me luck? thank me for working my ass off for her? hell no). I will miss many of my peers though and hope to stay in touch with the ones I formed friendships with.

*In the interest of not getting fired or losing my license months from now due to some ridiculous HIPAA violation, I will not be naming my former place of employment. I try to be vague about patient stories but these days you never know.

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