Thursday, April 25, 2013


eating/drinking: a peanut butter/soy milk/banana smoothie

feeling: proud of myself. the magic of working out

listening: penny fling her plastic easter egg around the room, the tv

watching: grey's anatomy

reading: i'm actually in between books right now. i've read a bunch recently (see reading tab) that were all pretty good, but now that i'm starting my new job i need to be reading my icu books so i don't look like a moron

loving: this weather. i super-love being able to leave the windows open all day and night

disliking: that weight watchers hardly gives me any points. it makes sense but man do i love food. i also love eating copious amounts of food. that's my problem

thinking: i can't wait to go to the farmer's market tomorrow. ww allows me to eat most fruits and veggies point free so i will now be consuming large amounts of fresh produce to divert my attention away from cupcakes for a while

hoping: i like my new unit

wishing: world peace. win the lottery. eat all i want and not gain any weight. same things as always

Our cat is a water thief

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