Sunday, April 7, 2013


AB and I have a tendency to watch more TV than we should, but there are so many good shows on at times! Granted, we DVR almost everything but on the weekends we do spend several hours watching mindless crap (no really, it's crap) or, more recently, playing Super Mario on Wii (not crap, just frustrating). Ever so often a commercial for Lumosity comes on, which is a computer program that claims to help you build your brain power (memory, speed, flexibility, attention, and problem solving) through various games and puzzles. The basic program is free to sign up for, and when you first go to the site it asks you a series of questions to figure out what areas of your brain need the most work (a "brain profile"). In my case, I need work on all of the five areas listed above; not a shocker. Once the program establishes your problem areas it provides you with a specific set of puzzles to complete each day. I've managed to get on Lumosity most days, and I've seen my puzzle scores improve, but so far haven't seen any difference in every day life...although that's not surprising since one of my main problem areas is attention. Regardless, if you feel like your brain functioning is ever heading in the tanking direction, try this site- it's free, kind of fun, and it won't send you spam emails (big plus!).

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