Friday, April 26, 2013

Expensive Neuroticism

Indy (oldest cat) has been due for his senior check up and blood work for about a month now. After the expenses we incurred from Stetson's chemo, needless to say, I've been putting things off while paying the debt off! I finally gave in and decided to take Indy in, along with Stetson. It never hurts to check Stetson; he has/had cancer after all and he grows new lumps and bumps every day.

Indy hates getting in the crate. Actually, Indy hates being moved outside of his comfort zone which is the four corners of the house. I have to find new stealth ways to get him into his crate because a lack of speed results in being peed on from chest to feet. It's happened many times and it's something I can do without. Today I managed to get him packed up without incident, although the howling happened regardless. I drove both Indy and Stetson over to our vet (10 minutes or less thank goodness) and got settled into a room in record time.

The vet tech came in and wrote down my long neurotic list of things to check and off Indy went into the back. Fifteen minutes later he returned with vet and tech, exam complete, blood work drawn, anal glands expressed, and urine tested. The vet was happy with his exam except for the fact that he has a new heart murmur. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? For those who don't know my last two cats passed away suddenly from heart disease (in both cases cardiomyopathy). Both had heart murmurs present at a young age; one received daily meds while the other one did not. I'm pretty sure I just gave the vet a look of utter disbelief to which her response was "I feel really bad- every time you come I give you bad news". Yeah, no kidding. I asked her my options and after she went through them I decided to hold off on the heart disease test for a few months; I was more concerned about his possibility of hyperthyroidism. Besides, Indy is 12 years old so I have to be realistic about what I would want to put him through.

Next up was Stetson and luckily his exam was fairly benign. The vet didn't seem too concerned about any of his lumps/bumps and she thinks his other issues (dry mouth, anxiety, random limping) are a combination of his newer deafness and arthritis. I have resumed his Adequan and hope that it will at least help the arthritis again. Otherwise he seemed to be okay. I left after paying a large bill (partially for my neuroticism) with strong hopes that Indy's blood work would be okay.

**Edited to add: The vet called a little while ago and Indy's blood work was BEAUTIFUL. Liver, kidney, and thyroid values were all right in normal range; his thyroid value wasn't even as high as it was last time. At least that gives me only heart disease to worry about now (which isn't a shocker- cats, HCM, and I have a long history).

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