Wednesday, March 20, 2013


eating/drinking: homemade kale chips, tuna/wickles/ritz crackers, and water (yes, this is my lazy person dinner!)

feeling: impatient. i'm ready to visit alex/laird in seattle and get this new job rolling

listening: to baer pacing around the room. he paces a lot. a ridiculous amount actually and between his monstrous nails and the hardwood floor sometimes the constant click, click, click can drive one a bit nutso

watching: castle

reading: i just started trauma plan by candace calvert. it was on the $.99 cent list the other day and the title attracted me

loving: that i'm back to running 30 minutes solid and i'm finally losing weight

disliking: my addiction to 800 calorie cupcakes

thinking: i've really gotten crappy about blogging

hoping: i get my tuition reimbursement paid out before i leave for the new job. things have a tendency to get lost at certain hospitals

wishing: world peace. win the lottery. eat all i want and not gain any weight. same things as always

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