Friday, March 8, 2013

New Job

I recently accepted a new job and am super excited, partially because of the higher salary and partially because it's time to try something new. I truly enjoy 99% of the people I work with but I also truly enjoy being able to pay my bills, so this move will be a good thing (I hope). I'm absolutely terrified of being an ICU nurse (even though I occasionally have ICU patient's where I am now) mainly because I will have to manage a critical care patient for 12 whole hours (that's a lot people- I get the pleasure of sending most patients out whenever there's a room available). Those 12 hours also include interacting with the patient's family, the attending (holy crap- no residents to depend on???), the various services providing for that patient, and an entirely new group of coworkers.

I'm scared.
I'm excited.
I'm sad.
I'm hesitant.
I'm nervous.
I'm hopeful.
I'm terrified.

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  1. Yeah... but we're all proud of you. We'll say a little prayer that this is a really great move for you.


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