Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flight of Beers

I love beer flights. They're a great way to sample multiple beers from light to dark without getting absolutely shit-faced by drinking a full 12 ounce serving of each beer. After buying a brewery tour on Groupon the other day (which of course offers a beer flight as part of the tour) I got an itch to make one for AB and I. Following a hike with the dogs to Umstead the other day we dropped by Earth Fare where I chose 4 single 12-ounce beers (2 I've had, 2 I haven't) with the intent of creating a home beer flight. Last night seemed like a good time to do one in celebration of my running accomplishments so below are the 4 we tried:

Most favorite: Hell's Belle (of course)
Least favorite: Double Pale Ale

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