Monday, March 25, 2013

Couch to 10K

For the past 8 weights I've been fairly committed to keeping on schedule with my Couch to 10K program. In the past I've always just started running, gone as far as I could while still being able to breathe, and then on consecutive runs pushed myself a little further. As those who read my blog know, this never works out well because I always quit running at some point, and then I'm back to the beginning the next time around. This time (and because I'm captain for a 5K in April) I decided I would give the C210K app a try; it's free and I know several people who were able to get into running using it without having any issues. The company offers a Couch to 5K program also, but I figured if I'm going to try running [again] why not go semi-all out and try a 10K final distance? I have no desire to compete in a 10K but I'd love to be able to run for 60 minutes 3-4 days a week; it would help allow me to maintain my cupcake addiction.

With all of that being said, today I started on Week 9 Day 1. The program sets me up to run 3 days a week, using run/walk intervals, with a final goal of being able to run 60 minutes straight (or a 10K if our pace is a 10min/mile) after 14 weeks. At week 8, which is how long the Couch to 5K program takes, I was running a straight 30 minutes with no walking intervals (yay!). Today, however, jumped to the 10K part of the training and I had to run 10min/walk 1 min x 4 for a total of 40 minutes of running. It sucked. I made it, but I'm pretty sure I started going into respiratory distress, as my husband can attest to after having me call him from the treadmill gasping and asking for his inhaler. Regardless of the misery, I survived and will be treating myself to a homemade mini "Flight of Beers" (see future post) this evening.

I've also been using the MyFitnessPal application for the past 2 weeks to track calories and exercise. So far I've only lost 2 lbs but I'm holding out hope that my body is just being stubborn and will suddenly dump 5 lbs of fat overnight (let's ignore the medical issues with that dream). For now I'll just keep counting calories (boo) and trucking away on the treadmill.

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