Monday, February 4, 2013

Today I...

  • Took Stetson for chemo treatment #3/4. His labs were all looking good- the oncologist's only concern was this skin infection he's had on and off for years, but has become more constant during chemotherapy. There's a chance it has developed into an antibiotic-resistant one. Fabulous. As long as the cancer is [mostly] gone then I'll tackle the skin. Sigh. Poor dog never catches a break. Luckily the limping is going away with the NSAID's and he came right home, went on a walk, and gobbled down a LOT of food.
  • Ate lunch with my mom at Panera; we both had the salmon salad and new fruit smoothie. Between the two we got lots of protein although the smoothie did have Greek yogurt (probably bad for my face); it all tasted yummy though!
  • Did AB and I's weekly shopping at WalMart. I boycott that place at least once a month. Today I was reminded why.
  • Completed Day 3 of the Couch-2-10K. The program has you do 3 days/week but because I need the exercise I'm just aiming for 4 days (and repeating the 3rd day). It's a fairly easy intro into running though. I'm not sore and I'm not miserable...yet. That's a start.
  • Tried coconut sugar. That's right, coconut sugar. It's still a mystery to me since coconuts aren't sweet but it made my coffee taste good.

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