Friday, January 4, 2013


For Christmas AB told me he wanted to get me horseback riding lessons. I owned a horse back when I was in my early 20's and the last time I even sat on a horse was about 5 years ago. 5 YEARS. Unacceptable. So a few weeks ago we went and looked at a farm right near our house that offers private lessons. The farm is large although older, convenient, and the trainer ended up being really nice (she just came over from Germany where she rode most of her life). The only downside is that the farm is mainly Arabians- I know, I know- they're such beautiful, sturdy animals. They're also kinda small and since I'm already OCD about being a heifer, riding one makes me feel BIG. I digress.

I went for my first lesson this evening and the trainer stuck me up on her calmest Arab mare; let me just say, I'm glad she did. I am incredibly out of shape when it comes to my "riding muscles" and that [very calm, very well trained] horse tolerated a lot of floppy legs. I spent an hour riding (walk-trot-canter) and by the end, I COULD NOT FEEL MY LEGS. I genuinely had trouble walking back to the barn. Regardless, it was awesome to be on a horse again and I'm looking forward to my lesson next week.

On another note, this cat is chiilin'.

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