Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's & Edamame

Being the first of the year, my parents invited me over for their traditional January 1st lunch/dinner of ham, black-eyed peas, collard greens, and biscuits. I believe the collard greens are supposed to symbolize money and the peas good luck, but I guess in the past I just haven't eaten enough of them to do any good! I also went on a nice walk with my mom, sister, and Stetson despite the continuous drizzle.

AB worked last night and again tonight, so I left my parent's in time to get home and spend a few hours with him before he had to leave. The rain had picked up so unfortunately the dogs didn't get their nightly walk (and it's still raining right now) but they're suffering by lying all over the bed instead. Poor dogs; so abused!

In keeping with my goal of exercising more, I hauled my [slightly large] butt onto the elliptical and got in a [sweaty] 30 minute workout, followed by...

I am limiting myself to alcohol once a week so I guess today is my one day for the week! I've also gone ~24 hours without Facebook and haven't been tempted to even get on AB's to stalk people...yet.

Oh, and did anyone notice the lovely oral herpes sore on Jenny McCarthy's NYE sailor?

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