Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Shows

AB and I have both had a few days off and as usual, we don't really do much when that happens (plus we have a big vacation coming up and need to save our money). This time around we've spend that lazy time walking the dogs, sleeping, and watching shows...many shows. A few of those have been newer ones and surprisingly, I've actually gotten hooked on a couple (which is always a good thing- more reason to not exercise or do anything productive). AB has been watching Justified on FX for several years and we just purchased Season 1 from Amazon. I love it (not kidding); I didn't know if I'd enjoy a show about rednecks shooting each other and making meth but I'm addicted. I've also always been a fan of Timothy Olyphant so that didn't hurt either.

We then found The Walking Dead on Netflix and, while we both agree the show can move kind of slowly, we're both totally fascinated. I've never been a zombie person so this is a new thing for me. I'm avoiding looking for any other new series right now- apparently there are 2 more of Justified and 2 more of The Walking Dead so plenty of time to be even more useless!

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