Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Job Recruiters

While in Whistler I received an email from a nurse recruitment agency. As most of my family knows my contract at my current job expires on February 28th of this year and I have already begun looking for a new one. Although I'm okay with my current job, and genuinely like 95% 75% of my coworkers, the pay leaves much to be desired (and after filing taxes this year, I was reminded just how much considering AB has only been a nurse 6 months longer than I have!). I'm in no rush to leave my current spot, but given that acquiring a new position takes several months, I figured I would start early.

With that being said, I finally called the nurse recruiter back today. The job available was weekend only (not too bad- 2 days a week!), paid $40/hr (okay, that's almost double my current pay), and is at a big trauma hospital (which I'm used to). On the flip side, I don't qualify for vacation until AFTER I have worked 2000 hrs (yes, two thousand- that was not a mistype) which means I'm there every weekend for at least a year and there's absolutely no medical benefits. Actually, they would reimburse me up to $150 a month after I've been there for 90 days, but I'd have to find my own medical/dental/vision. This wouldn't be a problem- I could always get added to AB's insurance- except that open enrollment for his hospital is closed until October or so. Does anyone have any idea how much buying your own insurance costs? Yeah, a lot. And considering I'm plagued with Godawful vision, cavity-filled teeth, kidney stones, acne, and this funky tachycardic heart, well, I need insurance. Just in case.

I politely told the recruiter that, while the actual position sounded great, that I just couldn't give up my awesome current benefits (seriously, I pay ~$120 a month for M/V/D, have no deductibles, low co pays, and can pick my doctors) for pretty much none. So, the search continues and I'm trying hard right now to get psyched about returning to work after being off for the past 12 days!

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