Sunday, December 30, 2012

15 Healthy New Year's Resolutions (Borrowed)

I found this post (ie I did NOT write it!) over on The Frisky and wanted to share the "meat" of it on here (because it's all good advice). The bold sentences are the borrowed resolutions but I put some of my thoughts next to a few of them. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I suck at keeping resolutions, and although most of these are common sense, they are good suggestions regardless.

1. Only eat when sitting down- I need to work on this. The key is not bringing everything to the sofa and then sitting down and watching TV while eating. I can put away some food when not paying attention!
2. Use small dinner plates
3. Park in the back row at the grocery store- Unless you're at the WalMart in a scary city. Then don't park so far away.
4. Take the stairs at work- I really need to do this more...but the elevator is soooo much easier. I do take the stairs down though; it's a peeve when someone takes the elevator DOWN one floor. Really?
5. Switch out coffee for green tea- I just started liking coffee (specifically from Raleigh Coffee Company, which was started and is owned by one of AB's cousins) so this one is a toss up.
6. Sign up for a 5K- Been there, done that. I'm not a runner. I' haven't run in months and surprise! My knees quit popping and hurting. I think I'll stick with the treadmill and elliptical.
 7. Give your spouse one compliment a day- My husband and I need to work on this...
8. Start a journal- That's what I have this blog for...when I use it...
9. Ditch naysayers- For now that's impossible- I work in a career with women as the majority. It's hard to avoid anything negative when swimming in a sea of estrogen.
10. Find more positive friends- Or in my case just find friends? I like being antisocial though; less commitment.
11. Give up soda- Good, but I don't drink it much anyways.
12. Sign up for a class- I'll count starting riding lessons as a class.
13.  Turn off the local news- Super depressing; I don't read/watch it anyways.
14. Commit to vegan days- What? No meat? Probably healthier though.
15. Read more- Already on top of it! See "Books" tab at top of page.

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