Sunday, October 21, 2012


I haven't blogged at all over the past week (obviously) because I went to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew in DuPont, Washington. I don't carry my laptop when I travel on planes- mainly because I'm too lazy to deal with the hassle at the airport- so I figured I would just wait until I got home to update anything. I flew my first red eye last night, and while I still had to sleep some when I got home, I have to admit that I liked spending an entire day visiting before getting on a plane to sleep. In other words, when I traveled I didn't miss a thing (other than some shut eye because our pilot managed to get us from Seattle to Atlanta in under 4 hours). I also didn't take many pictures but here's my trip, in bullets:
  • Saturday October 13- Arrived in Seattle around 11am- my sister picked me up and we went to Ikea so she could get some furniture. Ikea's are awesome. Went back to DuPont and spent the rest of the evening with her family. My nephew is the most adorable kid ever.
  • Sunday October 14- Got up early to drive to Puyallup and run a 5K- it was my sister's first 5K ever so it was neat that I got to be there for it. The race was called the "Haunted Hustle 5K & 10K" and people showed up in all sorts of neat costumes. My sister, nephew, and I dressed up as candy corn; we managed to finish together in 34:29.
  • Monday October 15-Friday October 19- We spent a lot of time chasing my nephew around the block. The area my sister lives in is FULL of walking/running trails that go on for miles; I'm very jealous. We did some outlet shopping (I super-love Under Armour now), I went to my first Cabela's store (could totally live out of that store), we did some 30 minute runs around her apartment and a 4 mile hike at Nisqually Nature Reserve, I met some of her friends, and we watched several good movies (Memento, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Rango, Spiderman, Dark Shadows, Madagascar 3). Oh, and between my sister and I we accomplished a lot of good cooking.
  • Saturday October 16- The 4 of us took another trip to Cabela's and then I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and getting ready for my flight (which was completely uneventful thank goodness).
I will definitely miss the 3 of them very much, but luckily my husband and I are flying out there in January and heading to Whistler, BC for a week with my sister, nephew, and mom.
Candy corn

About to cross the finish line

The Brownings on base

Chasing the kid down the Nisqually boardwalk

Pretty trees

My first Cabela's

My nephew fascinated with himself...

Working the candy corn outfit

Watching something Elmo-related

Running through legs

Upside down

Mom swinging baby around

Looking at something in Nisqually

Riding the escalator (about 10x)

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  1. wonderful report-thanks. love ya, Mom


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