Tuesday, September 18, 2012


eating/drinking: Big Boss Hell's Belle beer

feeling: frustrated. work is not going so well- i'm burnt out and tired of the bs. that is all

listening: the tv, my dog licking his paw, the cat purring

watching: Gossip Girl. yes, i'm embarrassed to admit it

reading: "666 Park Ave" by Gabriella Pierce- i was reading it in anticipation of the new show but i don't think it's even remotely close to the same

loving: that i have 5 months and 10 days left

disliking: that AB and i have decided to move after we go to school. boo- but it is more financially feasible

thinking: i hope i can breather easier by the time i have to run the 5k with my sister- otherwise she's going to smoke me

hoping: the next 5 months fly by without me experiencing a nervous breakdown

wishing: that life were easier...and that all this running would actually result in weight LOSS and not GAIN

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