Friday, September 14, 2012

Blogger Fail

So I'm realizing that when I work 4 days in a row at the hospital, and then come home at 9pm every night only to turn around and walk the dogs and then run/ellipticate, that I don't have much time to blog during the week. I also have no time to cook or be crafty so that totally puts a damper on my blog awesomeness. This past week was rather stressful; work has me wanting to pull my hair out and that's a bad thing seeing as though my hair is too thin anyways. I managed to exercise every day except for Wednesday and doing other cardio exercises is definitely helping with my breathing issues.

This weekend AB and I are headed to the lake (huge teardrop for boating season coming to an end, especially since we won't be here next year for it!), cooking out with my parents, cleaning (boo!), and I will attempt my canvas project I found on Pinterest. Get psyched for an update.

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