Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Worn Out & Thud

Work was long and busy, which was totally NOT what I was hoping for after a nice weekend at the lake! I did manage to wake up early enough this morning to run but I was a total wuss and only did 1 mile. I know, I'm never going to make it to 3 miles if I don't increase the mileage and it's frustrating that I've done it before. I'm a slacker. I need some motivation, and yet somehow the thought that after running I get to go to work (yay!) makes it even less exciting.

Meanwhile, my sister and I are still contemplating costumes for the 5K in October; I was thinking about being a fairy Godmother (since my nephew/godson will be in a stroller during the race) but my sister also mentioned the idea of an "Alice in Wonderland" theme. I'm kind of feeling both so as soon as my brother-in-law gives his input the decision will be posted. I guess the biggest thing is making sure I can run that far (damn my lungs) before strapping wings to my back.

Also, despite that I recovered an ungodly amount of patients today, I have no good patient stories...because I can't remember any of them. I really need to work on my memory.

Oh, and Thud, our snail, actually did die yesterday. RIP Thud: 3/2012-8/2012 (so much for a 2 year lifespan)

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  1. GET YOUR LAZY ASS RUNNING!!! I'll be your motivation :)

    Tomorrow will be my day 3/week 2 run. So far so good! Though I think I need new shoes that are actually meant for running. But alas, even I can't run a whole mile yet in one go. Maybe if I tried, but holy crap...have you ever tried jogging with a stroller!? It's pushing an extra 50lbs.


    And I'm checking out other costume ideas since I looked at the AinW ones again and realized that my costume alone is over $100 :(


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