Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whole 30, 50 Milers, & Versed

Recently a coworker told me about the Whole 30 Program, which is essentially a way of eating that cuts out grains, dairy, sugar, and processed foods and is comprised of meats, seafood, eggs, veggies, some fruits, and healthy fats. The developers of the program claim that 30 days of eating as outlined can increase energy, solve sleep issues, increase performance, and cure skin issues among many other things. Since my dermatologist recently suggested I cut out milk and sugar in an attempt to treat my hormonal acne, I figured I would give this 30 day program a shot. It seems pretty strict, but I need to work on my willpower, and anything to give me energy would be awesome. I foresee some struggles since AB eats anything and everything, but maybe I can get him to at least meet me half way. I went ahead and purchased the book "It Starts With Food" even though the website lays everything out in PDF files (what can I say? I'm a book whore). The reviews for the book are 99% good so it's hard to argue that! AB and I are headed to the lake one more time this weekend with his family so I will plan on starting this coming Monday.
One of the things that helps me with running is getting motivation from "real" runners' blogs. There's a list of blogs that I frequent on the right side of this one and I recommend all of them. Last night I was browsing them before bed and discovered that one of the bloggers- Runner's Rambles- is currently training for her (second) 50 mile race. Holy crap- I have trouble running 2 miles and this chick can run 50! I couldn't help but read about her first 50 mile race and surprisingly I wanted to go straight out and try to run as far as I could (which at this point means I might make it to 2.5). Unfortunately, it was 11pm so I would have to bottle my sudden burst of motivation for another day. I have absolutely no intention of ever trying to run 50 miles, but it definitely makes me want to try for a half-marathon if anything. Tomorrow morning I'm trying for 1.5 miles and although I'm increasing my distance slowly, I'm determined not to injure myself.

On the topic of blogs, another coworker today showed me a blog that an RN writes and I have to say it is one of the FUNNIEST things I have ever read. This person types a caption and then follows it with an animated clip that describes the caption. If you're not a nurse it won't be as entertaining, but if you are one then there's absolutely no way you won't have a sore stomach from laughing so hard. I give the author crazy props for being so creative.

Patient Stories:

Pt: Are you new?
Me: Yes sir, it's my first day. (It was not my first day by any means)
Pt: Really? You seem to know what you're doing. 
Me: Thanks. You're my first patient.
Pt: I never would have guessed. You must be bright.
Me: I have my moments.
Pt: Are you nervous?
Me: Nah, my shift is almost over. You're still alive so I'm optimistic that my second day will be even better.
(Pt had a sense of humor and I knew this before we had this conversation. Just FYI)

Pt: I need to go to the bathroom.
Me: I'll get you a urinal.
Pt: I need to do a deuce.
Me: I'll get you a bedpan.
Pt: No, I need to get up.
Me: You just had surgery, you're not getting up.
Pt: Well I'm not going in the bed.
Me: You're right- you're going in a bedPAN.
Pt: I'm getting up.
Me: That's not going to happen.
Pt: But I need to use the bathroom.
Me: So I'll get you a bedpan.
Pt: You're saying you won't let me get up.
Me: I'm saying you have 2 options- 1 is getting on a bedpan and 2 is holding it.
Pt: I'll hold it.
(2 minutes later)
Pt: I need to get up and go to the bathroom.
(Repeat above conversation. Sometimes I actually DON'T like Versed)

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  1. there are 2 guys on Kris' team that can do the 50 milers. I think they're insane.


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