Saturday, August 4, 2012


3 whole days of non-work related drama- I'm ecstatic! Yesterday ended up being kind of rough; I work with a nurse who, while being older and experienced, is proficient at being a condescending, judgmental, disrespectful bitch. Yes, I said it- she's a bitch. Unfortunately for me, I was stuck working directly with her all day. Some issues arose and she did her best to tear me to shreds over it; luckily my manager and charge nurse took my side. Regardless, it made for a very frustrating today.

I plan on having a [fairly] relaxing weekend. Tonight AB and I have VIP tickets to the Lynyrd Skynyrd/Allman Brothers concert- I'm usually not a HUGE concert person because it gets so loud but I've always loved both of these Southern rock bands. Tomorrow I'm going to a coworkers wedding shower, and Monday I'm accompanying my mom and aunt to visit another aunt and uncle. I'll still be posting all weekend for NaBloPoMo though so pictures of something to follow...

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