Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sweetness, Chick-Fil-A, and Poo

Today's prompt: Name something sweet you ate today.

Surprisingly I didn't have an actual sweets but I did enjoy a super-ripe, super-juicy nectarine. Granted, half of it ran down my chin but talk about yum!

Also, today was some kind of Chick-Fil-A appreciation day and I'm disappointed I missed getting some nuggets. I love their nuggets, drowned in Polynesian sauce, with a side of salty waffle fries. I know, super healthy right? I will go ahead and say something about the whole Chick-Fil-A/gay marriage etc debate- I don't freaking care. I really don't. There are some things in life I'm passionate about (traveling, animal welfare, family relationships, not having kids, and the woman changing their name after marriage to name a few) but for the most part, I've found myself to be fairly indifferent- to a lot of things.

I totally understand why people are in an uproar over the Chick-Fil-A comments but to put it bluntly, I'm married and I'm not gay so being that it doesn't affect me, I just don't care either way. This is not to say that I don't think gays deserve the same rights as heterosexuals- they should have the same rights, more power to them and we're all human beings- but since it's not personal to me I really don't have a strong emotion one way or the other about it. Actually, even things that are personal I still don't get too worked up over (depending on what they are).

Examples? The right to bear arms. If people want to try to outlaw guns, go ahead; I will still own my shotgun and I will still shoot you if you break into my house. Abortion? It's the woman's body so she should be able to make the choice without abusing the decision. Capital punishment? If they're clearly guilty, esp if they're caught red-handed or flat out admit to it, hang their ass in a public square. Gay marriage? I'm not a huge fan of the Bible anymore- I'm agnostic if anything- so I think a marriage is based on what the people in it believe it to be. Want 3 wives? Well if they're good with it, then best of luck juggling 3 PMS'ing crazy women a month (and as a woman, I do believe that we are all crazy). Health care reform? I think our health care could be better but could be worse so who am I to judge? Illegal immigrants? If they're working and staying out of trouble, let them be (however, if it's myself versus one of them waiting for care in an emergency room, I'm actually paying the bill so I better get the damn care first- truth).

The point is, I have opinions- but none of them are so passionate or extreme that I will boycott a store for their [very public] opposite-from-my-own opinions. I won't put silly bumper stickers on my car (well, my husband won't let me anyways), go psychotic on my FB statuses, or join in a rally. People in America have it WAY better than many other countries- it's sad to me how we nitpick things to death and search for situations to get upset or angry about. Take a deep breath, have a margarita, smoke a joint, eat a cupcake, whatever chills you out. Life is short and stress ulcers suck. That's my 2 cents wrapped up into 4 paragraphs.

On another note, I wish hospitals would offer classes for patients prior to surgery- the first one should be "Pain, Puking, Pooping, & Suffocation: How to Differentiate Between Them So That You Don't Give Your Post-Op Nurse a Nervous Breakdown".

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  1. I agree with every single thing about this post, from the nuggets drenched in Polynesian sauce (though I also like to mix the buffalo/ranch) to the part about post-op. I'd even be tempted to post it on Facebook (haha, j/k).


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