Thursday, August 2, 2012

So tired!

Prompt: What is the sweetest thing someone said to you today?

One of the new nurses said "Holy crap you don't look 30+! I thought you were only about 24-25". I consider that sweet since she hadn't received anesthesia today.

Funny (yet pathetic) story: When a patient leaves the recovery room any leftover narcotics have to be "wasted" into the sink with another RN. Both RN's then have to sign their names in the drug machine verifying that the drug was actually wasted and how much was wasted (as opposed to being injected or ingested by oneself). Tonight I asked another RN to waste my dilaudid with me- I then walked the opposite direction from the sink, around the corner, and ended up in front of the time clock holding the syringe in front of my face. It took several seconds and a throat clearing from my coworker for me to realize the time clock was not interested in my drug sacrifice. That's how I know I am WORN THE HELL OUT and need to go home.

As soon as I finish this Screwdriver, I will hit the sack. Tomorrow is my 4th in a row and I still have to run in the morning. I'm such a sissy. I also have emails to respond to and since I got off 2 hours late I will have to catch up tomorrow (Old Man, I am totally not ignoring you!).

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