Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick Mountain Trip

Today I rode to Winston-Salem with my mom and aunt to visit another aunt and uncle. While we were there the group of us (and dog) went to Mt. Airy to see a cute house my aunt and uncle had found for sale right off the parkway. The view was awesome (despite the fog) and it had a great front porch that stretched almost the entire length of the house. Afterwards we had a nice (but quick visit) and headed back home. My mom brought me some pretty new purple and green towel sets (no photos- they're all in the washer) and my aunt was sweet enough to bring me my favorite Dove chocolate product- the chocolate covered cashews and almonds. My aunt is an independent saleswoman for Dove; if she would give me the link to her website I'd post it on here (since her FB one doesn't work).
Amazing Dove chocolate






 Views from the drive up, the driveway, the house, the [foggy] view, my dog enjoying the free space, and the pretty butterfly bush

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