Monday, August 27, 2012

Kohl's, Boating, & Dogs

It's always nice to have a lazy weekend with no commitments to fulfill! AB and I took the boat out on the lake yesterday and spent several hours floating, enjoying a beer, and getting some Vitamin D. I discovered the easiest way to get my wake board on was while I lounged in my recliner float. Wearing a fedora helps also.
Today we both ran some errands; I stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies for the week (it's amazingly easy to shop when you know you can't look anywhere but the outer edges of the grocery store), AB went to see a doctor at a pain clinic (he keeps breaking things and the healed bones aren't being cooperative), we put the boat back in storage, and I loaded up on a few more clothes for running from Kohl's (damn those Kohl's bucks!). They carry Nike, Adidas, and Fila at great prices so that's where I'll be shopping for those brands.

Once again we're watching LOST (up to season 5 now) and once it cools down some I will get in another run and AB will finally mow our jungle of a lawn (I'm sure our neighbor's hate us).

Photo Op: Our dogs enjoy the sunshine when they're not stuck out there ie when I sit out on the front porch and sweat with them...

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