Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Boo Tuesday

First of all, I just got home from work and my house reeks of poop. REEKS of it. I can't find it. The litterbox is spotless, I've searched all of the rooms, I've even checked my pets' behinds...and the smell is endless. It is driving me crazy. I know my few readers wanted to know how badly my house smells, but this is way worse than anything I've dealt with in the house before. I won't be able to sleep until I find the source, and after my day at work, I'm anticipating that the delay in sleep will not be a good thing. I digress. Today was a bitch. I have a black cloud that lingers over my head at all times, and while my patients were all doing fine, everything else involving my patients was not. For one, think more poop (even though I know no one wants to). Poop is abnormal in the recovery room because most patients haven't eaten in hours- many of them have completed bowel preps the day before. But yet, it comes. Apparently especially on Tuesdays. Regardless, today sucked. It reminded me that my end career goal puts me FAR AWAY from any hospital.

Also, my aunt sent me the correct link to her Dove Chocolates site- just so everyone knows the products she sells are AMAZINGLY good. My husband made their mousse the other day and it is to die for; incredibly decadent and rich and melts in the mouth.

As for running, today was a run day and I missed it. I took NON-DROWSY Dramamine yesterday (hahaha, lies, there's no such thing as non-drowsy apparently), fell asleep early, had crazy dreams (think walking in on 2 Sesame Street characters in bed together), and woke up late...in the rain. Running didn't happen. That makes me very disappointed in myself.

I hope everyone else had a better Tuesday. :-)

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