Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kale Chips, Moving, & Running

I've heard many good reviews about kale chips so I decided to try making some of my own. I found a recipe on Food Network that was insanely basic (I need basic, I'm not a good cook), bought some organic kale from Earth Fare, and dug out our salad spinner.

First I cut the stems off...
Washed and dried the kale using our nifty spinner...
Then spread the leaves out on parchment paper and drizzled with olive oil...
The leaves went into the over at 275 for 20 min (stirring once after 10 min) and came out nice and crispy...
I sprinkled some sea salt on them right after cooking and the verdict? They taste AWESOME yet smell like total crap when being cooked. I thought the funky smell was coming from one of the dogs but no, it was the baking kale. I will definitely be making these again in the future although I'm not sure AB would be into them (baby steps).

While cooking the kale I stuffed my face with scuppernong grapes. My dad's family used to have a small vineyard with these grapes by the Pamlico River and I remember loving to eat them as a kid. Needless to say, they're just as good now...
Since stopping the Whole 30, I've been able to run every other day without any issues. I started doing some calf raises and squats, so my legs are sore right now, but at least I'm still progressing. I spoke to several coworkers today who have agreed to run the Color Me Rad 5K with me in October and I'm looking forward to not having to run alone! I still absolutely despise running, but it is the easiest and cheapest way to get in shape while still destroying my knees for the [distant] future.

AB and I are still contemplating our move next year; I think we're pretty much narrowed down to Colorado or Oregon. Alaska is just to far (especially for our older pets), Vancouver BC is too expensive (and there's the whole work visa thing), and Utah...well, AB isn't big on me having brother husbands. I keep saying we'll go where the jobs are but the area in Colorado we're considering is SO PRETTY! Sigh.

Monday, August 27, 2012

ABC's of Me

Age: 32

Bed size: King- it's the best fit for husband AND pets

Chore you hate: Cleaning a toilet- I refuse (and therefore have to compromise). Besides, I don't stand up to pee so I'm pretty sure I'm not the one making the most mess

Dogs: 2- a German Shepherd mix named Stetson who's been with me for 11 years and a stepson Bloodhound named Baer that AB has had for 8 years (although if you ask him it's always 6 yrs every year)

Essential start of your day: Putting in my contacts- otherwise I'm blind as a bat- and brushing my teeth; I never got in to coffee drinking aside from my occasional mid-day caramel macchiato at Starbucks

Favorite color: Green and purple; I can't choose just one (as one can assume from my wedding colors)

Gold or silver: White gold

Height: 5'8 (I was always hoping for 5'10)

Instruments I play: Competently? Piano and clarinet...and I'm pretty sure I rocked the recorder in elementary school. I also did colorguard in marching band (hey, it's musical)...b/c the idea of marching with an instrument while playing it was too much for my klutzy mind

Job title: CNII (Clinical Nurse II)

Kids: My pets; currently 1 cat and 2 dogs but once we move that will change b/c I plan to add a few more furbabies and some horses

Live:  Durham, NC

Mom’s name: Barbara

Nicknames: None that I really want to post on a public blog

Overnight hospital stays: None, thank goodness. Hospitals are nasty places; I should know, I work in one

Pet peeve: People texting while driving and/or not using turn signals. I have many more but those are at the top

Quote from a movie: "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us" & "Not all those who wander are lost"- both from LOTR

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: 2 younger sisters

Time you wake up: On work days usually by 7:45, on non-work days anytime between 6:30am and 12:00pm...yes, I sleep too much

Underwear: Clean ones- if I go somewhere for 2 days I pack ~5-6 pairs

Vegetable you dislike: Brussel sprouts. This dislike stems from childhood and lots of A1 steak sauce

What makes you run late: Sleeping, walking the dogs (it always takes longer than I think), playing on my iPhone

X-rays you have had done: Teeth (cavities and crowns), most of my back

Yummy food you make: Well, I'm not a very good cook but I can make some teriyaki chicken, mac n' cheese, lasagna, and scrambled eggs fairly decently. I'm working on the cooking thing, swear

Zoo animal: I've always been fascinated by the elephants and zebras. Zoos depress me though; I'd rather see those animals on a safari in Africa

Kohl's, Boating, & Dogs

It's always nice to have a lazy weekend with no commitments to fulfill! AB and I took the boat out on the lake yesterday and spent several hours floating, enjoying a beer, and getting some Vitamin D. I discovered the easiest way to get my wake board on was while I lounged in my recliner float. Wearing a fedora helps also.
Today we both ran some errands; I stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies for the week (it's amazingly easy to shop when you know you can't look anywhere but the outer edges of the grocery store), AB went to see a doctor at a pain clinic (he keeps breaking things and the healed bones aren't being cooperative), we put the boat back in storage, and I loaded up on a few more clothes for running from Kohl's (damn those Kohl's bucks!). They carry Nike, Adidas, and Fila at great prices so that's where I'll be shopping for those brands.

Once again we're watching LOST (up to season 5 now) and once it cools down some I will get in another run and AB will finally mow our jungle of a lawn (I'm sure our neighbor's hate us).

Photo Op: Our dogs enjoy the sunshine when they're not stuck out there ie when I sit out on the front porch and sweat with them...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kerr Lake

Baer and cousin Bella


Swim buddies (they did this all day)

2/3 dogs rode the kayaks with us

Like glass

My old man

Pretty lake view from the dock

Perfect boarding water

The lake house

AB & I's private accomodations

Chloe and Damon

Pooped puppies

Uncle Alister and Jake

End of summer bonfire

Mimi & Damon

I do my hair a lot
Jake and Maddy

The kids and mom getting ready to roats marshmallows

Family s'mores making



Whole 30 Update

So...the Whole 30 for me ended up being a fail. I know, I know, I'm such a quitter. Days 1 & 2 went okay but by Day 3 I was so exhausted that I was dragging my way through work. I got a full 9 hours of sleep Wednesday night and by Thursday morning I thought I was dying. At no point did I really have any cravings, and as someone in the medical field I completely understand that my body was just reacting to the lack of sugar and carbs, but it was getting to be too much. Several of my coworkers on Thursday asked me if I was okay and I was informed that my face was puffy and my eyes red and squinty. I figured "Okay, I can do this" anyways. Friday morning I was even more exhausted and decided that I actually couldn't do it anymore.

Based on the book I know the exhaustion was supposed to improve but I hadn't run in over a week, my dogs were getting gypped on their daily walks, and all I could think about was my bed. To add to the frustration, I gained 2 pounds during the week. Yesterday evening I decided to treat myself to a Gigi's cupcake and this morning I was 2 pounds lighter. Go figure. I still recommend this program for anyone that wants to clean out their system- and I fully intend on staying away from dairy and white flour/processed foods as much as possible (aside from Gigi's) from this point on- but my body and my mind needs energy and I need to run! I have a 5k in October and I don't need my non-running sister whooping my butt.

Today I woke up early (for a Saturday) and headed to my 4th laser hair removal appointment. I've been getting good results in some areas and crappy results in other areas (they use 2 different lasers) so when I told the woman today she didn't hesitate to blast it all super-strength. For anyone considering having it done, it DOES work and I would highly suggest Katie at Wake Health Medical Group in Raleigh, NC. It's not the most comfortable thing (I have to hold a stress ball and I repeatedly jump off the table) but it beats waxing every month.

Most of the afternoon has been spent watching LOST reruns with my husband and...he managed to get my computer working! Yay! I almost bought a new one last night but I'm glad I didn't. It's missing a lot of programs now but he managed to restore it to an earlier date and so far, so good. I hope to get lake pictures on here shortly.

This evening I decided to cook dinner rather than go anywhere to eat. I still had a load of veggies in the fridge from Earth Fare last week so I sauteed those, dumped in some pasta sauce, and made a half/half mixture of whole grain penne and regular (my husband refuses to eat all whole grain so we have to compromise some). It ended up being chunky and yummy. Of course I had to add in a Hell's Belle beer from Big Boss Brewing (we had this same beer at our wedding) because I do love my drinks. Tomorrow I will start back with the running (cross fingers) so I don't get too far behind.

Our compromise

Squash, zucchini, onions, and red peppers in olive oil with salt/pepper

The mixture with some turkey meat balls

Best beer ever aside from Newcastle and Blue Moon

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Whole 30 Day 2

I feel exhausted! Tuesday is one of my scheduled running days and I literally could not get out of bed this morning to exercise. I thought I slept decently well but my energy is completely zapped. I realize this is probably due to my body being denied it's limitless amounts of sugar and cupcakes but I'm hoping it passes sooner rather than later. I hit the snooze button on my alarm from 6:30am-7:50am. Fail!

I have been eating better than usual, and sticking to the guidelines for the Whole 30 Program. Since I prefer to pack my 2 meals/day for work, I've been taking the easy road and making salads the past 2 days. I don't want to over-do them, but considering I don't like salads they've been rather tasty (and filling). I've been using organic greens, grilled chicken breast, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, Fiji apples, and olive oil/vinegar dressing.
My husband was nice enough to slow-cook me some chili today while I was at work. He managed to leave the beans and potatoes out that he loves so much so that I don't cheat any on the program. I believe he ended up using ground turkey, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and peppers but I can't say what the seasoning is (mainly because I know nothing about cooking). I had a small bowl when I got home and it was fabulous; I think it will make a good meal for work the next few days.

I definitely plan on sticking with the program the entire 30 days but I'm crossing my fingers that the energy levels increase. I'm training for the 5K in October with my sister and I don't want to be dragging behind.

Random thing: someone gave me an orchid about 5 years ago and it never bloomed again after that year...until AB managed to get it to last week. He's very proud of himself.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Whole 30 Day 1

Today began my attempt to complete "The Whole 30 Program" in hopes of getting some more energy and clearing my skin up a bit. I did have a headache most of the day (totally missed my Starbucks macchiato) but I wasn't starving by any means. I woke up late so I only had time to grab some eggs and fruit, but for lunch and dinner (hey, it's hard to pack lunch sometimes) I made myself salads with organic greens, grilled chicken, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, Fuji apples, and oil/vinegar dressing. I'm not a big salad person but these were pretty good!

I fully intend on getting some "before" photos, but since AB really wanted to watch "The Hunger Games" after I got off work, the picture taking will have to wait.

As for my goals while on the program:
  • Get more energy
  • Sleep better
  • Wake up easier
  • Improve my running time and distance
  • Get rid of random aches and pains
  • Clear up acne
  • Lose a few pounds
My starting stats:
  • Weight: 161.5
  • Measurements: 39-32-39 (gasp)
  • Sleep 7-9 hours a night but hit the snooze button 10 times and am still tired all day
  • Hormonal acne on cheeks and chin
  • 13+ min/mile running; max distance so far 1.7 miles
  • Random aches and pains, especially in my back and knees

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Preparation fo Whole 30

Tomorrow I start "The Whole 30" Program and I'm feeling a bit intimidated! I went to Earth Fare and Lowe's Foods to stock up on veggies and meat for the week, and the eggplant and kale is mocking me (bc I have no clue what to do with it). I'm also having a last hurrah of pizza, beer, and Gigi's cupcake. I am the stereotypical person who gives up something and therefore feels the need to eat all of it before I start. I am going to attempt to take before/after pictures, especially of my face (which ironically doesn't look as bad as usual right now), while I'm doing the program.
An amazing Gigi's cannoli cupcake

Saturday, August 18, 2012

In-Law Pictures

My sister-in-law on my husband's side of the family really wanted some pictures that included all 3 of her kids and me. While up at the lake she managed to convince everyone to have some photos taken this morning, and they ended up being fairly good. The photographer gave us the rough drafts on a DVD so I'm adding my favorites below- just keep in mind they haven't been cropped or edited. I definitely plan on sending the photos to my sister to Photoshop before I use any as our Christmas card this year.
The Family (husband's side)
Silly but totally using for Christmas
Tomorrow we're headed to the boat show, to Best Buy to [hopefully] buy me a new computer, and to Whole Foods so I can stock up on "Paleo" type food for the next week. My "Whole 30 Program" begins on Monday so I'm finishing the book up as quickly as I can and trying to get psyched about not getting cupcakes anymore!