Monday, July 30, 2012

Today I Will (Part I)

I need to hold myself accountable, so maybe if I put my goals for the day out in "public" I'll be more apt to actually do them. This is my last day off before returning to work for 4 days in a row, so there are several things I would like to accomplish.
  • Call the mortgage company about a refinance. Although the house is rented it would be nice if the monthly mortgage was lower...just in case
  • Clean out my closet (this is a big one). Toss the under garments I don't wear and donate anything else that I haven't work in >1 year. I'm already preparing a box for Cause for Paws
  • Start setting up my work out area in the spare bedroom
  • Clean out under the sink. I hate throwing away toiletries but I think I haven't touch 90% of the ones under my sink since I moved in 1 yr ago
  • Walk the dogs
  • Run 1 mile (well, I have to start somewhere and I haven't run >3 miles in several months now...back to the basics)
  • Do my laundry

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