Monday, July 30, 2012

Today I Actually (Part II)

Well, the lazy in me won over; so much for public accountability. Here's how I made out (ie failed):
  • Call the mortgage company about a refinance- this was a fail. In my defense, Verizon has HORRIBLE service OVER my house. I can't hear anything anyways...(this excuse is totally working for me)
  • Clean out my closet (this is a big one)- success! I filled 2 trash bags full of donatable clothing and tossed out 1 bag of trashable clothing) think underwear and socks with holes. The first picture is of all the hangars I cleared up for new clothes and the second is the first of 2 bags

  • Start setting up my work out area in the spare bedroom- Fail
  • Clean out under the sink- I'm actually going to work on this before bed. Swear.  
  • Walk the dogs- Well this gets done every night but at least tonight I managed to get AB to go with me. That's actually harder than one would think considering one of the dogs is his 
  • Run 1 mile- I'm actually going to do that now. It's currently a nice, breezy yet humid 76 degrees so might as well
  • Do my laundry- Had to be done- my scrubs were all dirty


  1. Why does the type on your blog start out clear but then get blurred?

  2. I'm working on getting rid of clothes, too. A handful will go to the Goodwill and then I hope to try and get some up to a Plato's Closet to sell. Sigh.

  3. I think I'm taking mine to Cause for Paws- also going to give them my old Trek bike and the Swiss Army canopy. A little TLC and someone will enjoy them!

  4. Wow! Been meaning to tackle my closet for awhile now. Definitely will do when I get back from vacation in two weeks. Thanks for the inspiration! And look forward to reading more of your stuff. Good luck with the writing this month!


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