Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Tomorrow is the first day of NaBloPoMo (duh) for August so I will go ahead and warn my 5 readers that many days, I will just be writing an answer to one of their "prompts". I believe the theme for August is SWEET so expect posts about ice cream, cupcakes, and a man actually bringing a woman flowers.

On a different note, I did manage to get up and run this morning, and although I was slow as heck, I survived. The big challenge is getting my lungs back into shape; it's amazing how quickly they go to crap when I don't run for a few months (and I'm not even a smoker). Regardless, I have a goal of a half-marathon so darn it, I will get there.

Short patient story (and this was a good patient):

Patient comes rolling out on a stretcher from the OR wide awake, no pain, no nausea, fully oriented.

Me: How are you feeling?
Pt: Pretty damn good.
Me: Any pain or nausea?
Pt: Nope. What do I have to do so I can go home?
Me: Have minimal pain, no nausea, and pee at least 50cc.
Pt: Gimme the urinal.

Pt takes urinal, promptly voids several 100cc's of urine, and hands it back with a smile.

Pt: That was easy. And I still feel good.
Me: You. Are. Awesome. You may leave now.

From start to finish, this took 30 minutes. Sometimes you just get a post-op winner.


  1. If this month's theme is SWEET, I expect you to write a lot about yourself. :-)


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