Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Today I got up fairly early (for a weekend) with the intention of being productive. I even had a dream about setting up a mini-gym in one of the spare bedrooms. This is what ended up happening:

10am-3pm: Sat on my ass and watched "HawthoRNe" on Netflix. Around 12pm AB gets out of bed and wants breakfast- we actually agree on something to eat

3pm: Husband decides he wants to go to the lake, so we pack up and haul the boat over
3:30pm: The wiring for the motor is shorted out and we can't lower the motor into the water. We stand in parking lot for ~10 min while AB tries to figure things out
4pm: We give up and go home- AB works on the motor in the 100 degree heat in the garage

4:30pm: Motor is now working again. We're hot and lazy though so we go inside and watch some Olympics
4:30-6pm: Sit on our asses and watch the Olympics. AB gives me crap for not going to WalMart yet for groceries. I get annoyed and leave to go without him (which is usually the better choice)
6-7:30pm: WalMart. I hate this place, and somehow I always manage to pick the slowest checkout line
7:30-8pm: I get home, unload the car by myself, and go walk my dog before I knock AB upside the head for not helping me unload the car

Currently, we are watching reruns of "LOST" on Netflix. This has become a weekend thing for us and we're now into Season 3...definitely not one of my favorite seasons except for Kate and Sawyer finally getting it on. Tomorrow I have big plans...set up my workout room, take the boat out to the lake, have dinner with my parents, and dye my hair back to dark brown (yay!). Oh, and run. I should do that if I want to run a half marathon before the end of the year. Sigh.

Starting Tuesday I'm going to attempt to participate in NaBloPoMo again so maybe the blogging will get more steady.

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