Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I suck...

...at this blog thing. My sister has an awesome blog- granted, she doesn't write much but she does take HUNDREDS of photos a day. Plus, she even has the time to upload them. I, on the other hand, take no photos. And I'm lazy so I'm fairly certain that even if I took photos, they wouldn't make it past my camera's SD card. I also don't know how to photoshop my own photos and that can be essential to me ever showing them to anyone.

Updates? The last time I posted was in June. July has been hot and it's only 10 days into it. I work. A lot. Okay, so maybe not much more than people that work 5 days a week, but compared to my peers and my husband, I do. Sadly, I plan on picking up extra shifts through the end of the year. Make that 5 days a week. AB and I have chosen not to have kids, but somehow we don't have the money to travel either. That has to change. I'm planning on flying to WA in October to see Alex, Kris, & Laird- plane tickets there are still running in the $500 range (that includes taxes). Christmas will be here in less than 6 months. AB and I are planning another ski trip next year. In other words- I have to suck up, forgo my sanity, and work more. Boo.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I won't mention how young she turned but I'm incredibly thankful that she's doing so awesome. I'm also super-proud of her for going tubing with me this past weekend.
My dad spent hours kayaking, so I can rest easier knowing they're still staying at least semi-active...which is better than I'm doing because I truly am a lazy-ass and haven't run in weeks. Or used the elliptical. Or done anything other than watch re-runs of LOST and Nip/Tuck on Netflix, walk the dogs before it hits triple digits, work, and sleep. I definitely sleep more than most people my age and I can honestly say it's not depression related. Sleep is good.

So my doctor put me on phentermine a few weeks ago. She told me I was anxious b/c I'm overweight and therefore needed to lose weight first. Phentermine is a stimulant- it's actually half of what used to make up (or still does) Fen-Phen. That would be the diet pill that got pulled from the market b/c it killed people. Several people. But apparently doctors think that the phentermine part is fairly safe when vitals and blood panels are monitored monthly. Personally, I think that crap should be banned. As expected with a stimulant, it increased my resting HR from 70's to 90's, and my baseline BP from the 90-100 to the 120's. It only killed my appetite for about a week and I didn't lose an ounce. I was just thirsty, jacked up, and having whack dreams all of the time. Plus I'm still in my "optimal" BMI range so I don't see what it could have done for me anyways, other than try to give me a heart attack. I will not be using it anymore...after this bottle.

I'm also seeing a dermatologist for my acne; yeah, it came back. She tells me it's hormonal (knew it already) and that my only options were antibiotics (don't work), birth control (makes me crazy), topical creams. and spironolactone (my urologist said a polite "hell no" to that one). I'm trying the topical, and it's getting worse. It's incredibly stressful for a shallow person such as myself to have CYSTIC acne at age 32. Today I went and spent $70 on make-up customized to my skin color and type in a desperate effort to hide it, at least at work. I'm glad AB doesn't complain about it.

Work is still work. I would love to write about my crazy patient stories but I can't ever remember them long enough. I did have a nice older man a few weeks ago say "My God woman you're beautiful" the second he woke up. I told him it was the drugs- and the make up. I was reminded today of why I shouldn't tell people my profession. This is how the conversation at the Clinique counter went:

Saleslady: So what do you do?
Me: I'm a nurse.
Saleslady: I have had the WORST sinus infection for weeks now. I had a fever- ended up with an ear infection, and even tonsillitis. And now I sound like a man. I swear I'm not a man- or drunk. But this crap needs to clear up.
Me: Yeah, that sucks. I hope you feel better.
Saleslady: My sister got in a motorcycle accident last week- here, look at these pictures.
Me: (damnit) Sure
Saleslady proceeds to show me pictures of her sister's road burn, external leg fixator, severe road burn, and the shoulder/arm that got stitched back on after being ripped halfway off. next time, I'm totally saying I'm a stay-at-home petmom...or WalMart greeter.

Okay, so this was a nice long post. Hopefully it's covered me until next month.


  1. Aww thanks dear that was nice- not the picture-the comments. And yes-you're good for a while but i sure enjoy the laughs! Love ya, Mom

  2. I'm with mom-- I enjoy the laughs! And yeah, I don't write much. So you can do the writing and I'll do the pictures :P

  3. Hi Chunky,

    Love your blog.


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