Monday, July 30, 2012

GoodBelly Probiotics

While avoiding posting on my own blog, I continue to enjoy perusing other people's words of wisdom on their blogs. I usually find a new blog through a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, and I must say I've found some great reads over the past few weeks. Since I'm giving this running thing a shot [again] I've been especially drawn to blogs by other runners (shocker!). One of them, "The Blonde Runs", is currently hosting a giveaway for GoodBelly Probiotics which is based in Boulder, CO. As with other probiotic foods, this one is to help replace the bad bacteria in your gut with good bacteria. If you eat an insanely healthy, fresh, organic, all-natural, balanced diet, then probiotics may not be of much use to you- but they're definitely beneficial for the remaining 95% of the population! The company also offers a 12 day challenge/guarantee or your money back. You can find more info on their FB page:

Why am I posting this on here? Mainly because I'm hoping to win myself a free sample to try (sneaky...) but also because probiotics are good for you. I'm a nurse- I should know! :-)

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  1. I've taken Probiotics (I stopped awhile back when I got sick and I just haven't gone back on them again). They kept me regular. I don't know what else they did? Oh yeah, supposedly they help with acne (which makes sense considering they're supposed to flush out bad bacteria).


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