Friday, July 27, 2012


There are slightly less than 6 months left in 2012 and I don't think I've accomplished a single damn thing I set out to do. After reading many, MANY other people's blogs- and seeing how determined and accomplished other people with way more to deal with are- I've decided to set myself some goals for the next 6 months. In other words, I aim to accomplish the following before December 31, 2012:
  • Run a half marathon (see previous post: I do think this is utterly stupid but running is the "in" thing- I'm hopping on the "in" train)
  • Get down to 145 lbs. I am currently 162. When AB and I started dating- which was in my LATE 20's- I was 135. This is at least reasonable. 17 lbs in <6 months
  • Blog at least 3x a week. I can't guarantee any of it will be interesting but I'll try
That's all. 3 goals. 3 goals in 6 months...okay, 5 months. I need support and encouragement.


  1. I don't know how much support I can be; but I'm REAL good at encouragement. I know you're a fighter, and I KNOW you can accomplish any goal you set if you want it bad enough. Your uncle and I are your (distant) cheering section!
    Oh, one thing I CAN do .. I can refuse to sell you the chocolate covered almonds and cashews! LOL!
    Love you!!

  2. YOU CAN DO IT!! I hope to run some day, but I could care less about doing a 5k or a half-marathon; I just want to be able to run with Kris! And your posts are always interesting, despite what you think. Too bad you're not a pathological picture taker like me...because then you could skip writing and just post photos.


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