Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Tomorrow is the first day of NaBloPoMo (duh) for August so I will go ahead and warn my 5 readers that many days, I will just be writing an answer to one of their "prompts". I believe the theme for August is SWEET so expect posts about ice cream, cupcakes, and a man actually bringing a woman flowers.

On a different note, I did manage to get up and run this morning, and although I was slow as heck, I survived. The big challenge is getting my lungs back into shape; it's amazing how quickly they go to crap when I don't run for a few months (and I'm not even a smoker). Regardless, I have a goal of a half-marathon so darn it, I will get there.

Short patient story (and this was a good patient):

Patient comes rolling out on a stretcher from the OR wide awake, no pain, no nausea, fully oriented.

Me: How are you feeling?
Pt: Pretty damn good.
Me: Any pain or nausea?
Pt: Nope. What do I have to do so I can go home?
Me: Have minimal pain, no nausea, and pee at least 50cc.
Pt: Gimme the urinal.

Pt takes urinal, promptly voids several 100cc's of urine, and hands it back with a smile.

Pt: That was easy. And I still feel good.
Me: You. Are. Awesome. You may leave now.

From start to finish, this took 30 minutes. Sometimes you just get a post-op winner.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Today I Actually (Part II)

Well, the lazy in me won over; so much for public accountability. Here's how I made out (ie failed):
  • Call the mortgage company about a refinance- this was a fail. In my defense, Verizon has HORRIBLE service OVER my house. I can't hear anything anyways...(this excuse is totally working for me)
  • Clean out my closet (this is a big one)- success! I filled 2 trash bags full of donatable clothing and tossed out 1 bag of trashable clothing) think underwear and socks with holes. The first picture is of all the hangars I cleared up for new clothes and the second is the first of 2 bags

  • Start setting up my work out area in the spare bedroom- Fail
  • Clean out under the sink- I'm actually going to work on this before bed. Swear.  
  • Walk the dogs- Well this gets done every night but at least tonight I managed to get AB to go with me. That's actually harder than one would think considering one of the dogs is his 
  • Run 1 mile- I'm actually going to do that now. It's currently a nice, breezy yet humid 76 degrees so might as well
  • Do my laundry- Had to be done- my scrubs were all dirty

GoodBelly Probiotics

While avoiding posting on my own blog, I continue to enjoy perusing other people's words of wisdom on their blogs. I usually find a new blog through a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, and I must say I've found some great reads over the past few weeks. Since I'm giving this running thing a shot [again] I've been especially drawn to blogs by other runners (shocker!). One of them, "The Blonde Runs", is currently hosting a giveaway for GoodBelly Probiotics which is based in Boulder, CO. As with other probiotic foods, this one is to help replace the bad bacteria in your gut with good bacteria. If you eat an insanely healthy, fresh, organic, all-natural, balanced diet, then probiotics may not be of much use to you- but they're definitely beneficial for the remaining 95% of the population! The company also offers a 12 day challenge/guarantee or your money back. You can find more info on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/goodbelly

Why am I posting this on here? Mainly because I'm hoping to win myself a free sample to try (sneaky...) but also because probiotics are good for you. I'm a nurse- I should know! :-)

Today I Will (Part I)

I need to hold myself accountable, so maybe if I put my goals for the day out in "public" I'll be more apt to actually do them. This is my last day off before returning to work for 4 days in a row, so there are several things I would like to accomplish.
  • Call the mortgage company about a refinance. Although the house is rented it would be nice if the monthly mortgage was lower...just in case
  • Clean out my closet (this is a big one). Toss the under garments I don't wear and donate anything else that I haven't work in >1 year. I'm already preparing a box for Cause for Paws
  • Start setting up my work out area in the spare bedroom
  • Clean out under the sink. I hate throwing away toiletries but I think I haven't touch 90% of the ones under my sink since I moved in 1 yr ago
  • Walk the dogs
  • Run 1 mile (well, I have to start somewhere and I haven't run >3 miles in several months now...back to the basics)
  • Do my laundry

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

I didn't accomplish many of the things I wanted to today, but I did have a rather enjoyable and relaxing Sunday. AB and I got up around 9am and quick-cleaned the house before my parents arrived at 10am to go to the lake for a few hours. We prefer going Sunday morning before the crowds come out, because when they do it's INSANE. The boat ramp was almost empty this morning- by the time we left at 1:30 the line for the 4 ramps was almost backed up to the street (and that's a long ways). Being on the lake on a weekend afternoon reminds me why this is considered "transplant season" (as in organ transplants). Regardless, we got to wakeboard and float around for a few hours. Plus, I got to spend about 20 minutes watching fools get their watercraft in and out of the water.

After the lake we had some homemade chicken burritos and fish tacos and watched some of the Olympics. My dad and AB then went outside to change the oil in the Civic while my mom attempted to dye my hair back to brown (it was a light brown to blonde ombre). She put purple dye on some of the blonder streaks but with the rest of the dark coloring you can't really see it. It's okay though- my bangs are no longer half-blonde; totally worth it.

Now for some more Olympics and a few reruns of LOST. Maybe I'll get something non-slacker done tomorrow...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Today I got up fairly early (for a weekend) with the intention of being productive. I even had a dream about setting up a mini-gym in one of the spare bedrooms. This is what ended up happening:

10am-3pm: Sat on my ass and watched "HawthoRNe" on Netflix. Around 12pm AB gets out of bed and wants breakfast- we actually agree on something to eat

3pm: Husband decides he wants to go to the lake, so we pack up and haul the boat over
3:30pm: The wiring for the motor is shorted out and we can't lower the motor into the water. We stand in parking lot for ~10 min while AB tries to figure things out
4pm: We give up and go home- AB works on the motor in the 100 degree heat in the garage

4:30pm: Motor is now working again. We're hot and lazy though so we go inside and watch some Olympics
4:30-6pm: Sit on our asses and watch the Olympics. AB gives me crap for not going to WalMart yet for groceries. I get annoyed and leave to go without him (which is usually the better choice)
6-7:30pm: WalMart. I hate this place, and somehow I always manage to pick the slowest checkout line
7:30-8pm: I get home, unload the car by myself, and go walk my dog before I knock AB upside the head for not helping me unload the car

Currently, we are watching reruns of "LOST" on Netflix. This has become a weekend thing for us and we're now into Season 3...definitely not one of my favorite seasons except for Kate and Sawyer finally getting it on. Tomorrow I have big plans...set up my workout room, take the boat out to the lake, have dinner with my parents, and dye my hair back to dark brown (yay!). Oh, and run. I should do that if I want to run a half marathon before the end of the year. Sigh.

Starting Tuesday I'm going to attempt to participate in NaBloPoMo again so maybe the blogging will get more steady.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pain in the A$$ Patients

Rather recently I took care of a younger adult patient who was one of the biggest brats I have ever met, especially at their age (and considering they had no underlying mental issues...relatively speaking). It didn't help that the patient's mom would sit idly by and watch it happen too. This is how part of our conversation went with their mom present (and needless to say, when they rolled out of the unit I seriously considered screaming and jumping up and down):

Pt: I need to piss.
Me: Let me give you a urinal.
Pt: I'm not peeing in a damn urinal. I need to walk to the bathroom.
Me: You just had surgery...and enough drugs to take a horse down. You're not walking anywhere.
Pt: Then I'll piss in the bed.
Me: If you pee in the bed, I'm letting you sit in it.
Pt: No, if I piss in it, YOU have to come clean it up. Sucks to be you.
Me: Given the fact that you're fully oriented and lacking mental handicaps, if you purposely pee in that bed, I can and will let you sit in it.
Pt: Um, you're a f-ing nurse- your job is to clean up my piss. (evil psycho grin appears)
Me: (Now my evil psycho grin appears) I DARE you to take a piss in your bed. Do it and see what happens. You are XX years old- I seriously dare you to piss in your bed.

(Now there's a staring contest between myself and the little sh*t, and mom sits by blankly staring at her computer screen)

Pt: Fine.

You would think this ended well; it didn't. I got a urinal thrown at me. Luckily the patient had so many drugs in them that they missed by several feet. I considered picking it up and throwing it back at them but chose to just walk away. Talk about a hard decision, but at least I'm still employed.

On a different night I took care of a patient with a bowel resection. They had been vomiting green fluid for days and when they came out of the OR they had an NG tube in their nose (tube that goes down nose and into stomach, mainly used for sucking junk out of the stomach).

Pt: What the hell is this in my nose? (points at tube)
Me: It's an NG tube- it's draining the fluid left in your stomach.
Pt: That makes no sense. Why is it there?
Me: Because your stomach is full of green liquid.
Pt: Well where the hell did the green liquid come from?
Me: Your stomach. Haven't you been throwing up green stuff for days now?
Pt: Yes.
Me: Okay well that's where it's coming from.
Pt: I don't want it. Take it out.
Me: I'm not taking it out. The surgeon wants it in.
Pt: Why the hell not?
Me: Because if it comes out you may accidentally suck some down in to your lungs, get pneumonia, and die.
Pt: I don't care. Take this shit out.
Me: No.
Pt: Then I'm going to pull it out.
Me: Fine, pull it out. And when you're done surgery will come back and shove another one back in- and that's going to suck b/c those things are REALLY uncomfortable.

At this point the patient proceeds to cross arms and sulk. The surgeon comes in later, the patient bitches about the tube, and this entire conversation happens again- instead with a doctor. And if anyone thinks I'm kidding about the cursing, I'm not. We get some wannabe sailors in the hospital. Some people claim that anesthesia makes people behave like bastards, but most of those drugs wear off sooner rather than later. Moral of the story: many people are just bastards. Nursing is hard. It's why I drink.


There are slightly less than 6 months left in 2012 and I don't think I've accomplished a single damn thing I set out to do. After reading many, MANY other people's blogs- and seeing how determined and accomplished other people with way more to deal with are- I've decided to set myself some goals for the next 6 months. In other words, I aim to accomplish the following before December 31, 2012:
  • Run a half marathon (see previous post: I do think this is utterly stupid but running is the "in" thing- I'm hopping on the "in" train)
  • Get down to 145 lbs. I am currently 162. When AB and I started dating- which was in my LATE 20's- I was 135. This is at least reasonable. 17 lbs in <6 months
  • Blog at least 3x a week. I can't guarantee any of it will be interesting but I'll try
That's all. 3 goals. 3 goals in 6 months...okay, 5 months. I need support and encouragement.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Decision

I have decided that I'm going to run a half-marathon. Yes, I said HALF. Why the hell does anyone want to run 26 miles??? Then again, why would anyone want to run 13 miles? I do. Solely to prove I can do it. Therefore, by the end of 2012, I will run 13 consecutive miles in public surrounded by other people doing the same stupid thing.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I suck...

...at this blog thing. My sister has an awesome blog- granted, she doesn't write much but she does take HUNDREDS of photos a day. Plus, she even has the time to upload them. I, on the other hand, take no photos. And I'm lazy so I'm fairly certain that even if I took photos, they wouldn't make it past my camera's SD card. I also don't know how to photoshop my own photos and that can be essential to me ever showing them to anyone.

Updates? The last time I posted was in June. July has been hot and it's only 10 days into it. I work. A lot. Okay, so maybe not much more than people that work 5 days a week, but compared to my peers and my husband, I do. Sadly, I plan on picking up extra shifts through the end of the year. Make that 5 days a week. AB and I have chosen not to have kids, but somehow we don't have the money to travel either. That has to change. I'm planning on flying to WA in October to see Alex, Kris, & Laird- plane tickets there are still running in the $500 range (that includes taxes). Christmas will be here in less than 6 months. AB and I are planning another ski trip next year. In other words- I have to suck up, forgo my sanity, and work more. Boo.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I won't mention how young she turned but I'm incredibly thankful that she's doing so awesome. I'm also super-proud of her for going tubing with me this past weekend.
My dad spent hours kayaking, so I can rest easier knowing they're still staying at least semi-active...which is better than I'm doing because I truly am a lazy-ass and haven't run in weeks. Or used the elliptical. Or done anything other than watch re-runs of LOST and Nip/Tuck on Netflix, walk the dogs before it hits triple digits, work, and sleep. I definitely sleep more than most people my age and I can honestly say it's not depression related. Sleep is good.

So my doctor put me on phentermine a few weeks ago. She told me I was anxious b/c I'm overweight and therefore needed to lose weight first. Phentermine is a stimulant- it's actually half of what used to make up (or still does) Fen-Phen. That would be the diet pill that got pulled from the market b/c it killed people. Several people. But apparently doctors think that the phentermine part is fairly safe when vitals and blood panels are monitored monthly. Personally, I think that crap should be banned. As expected with a stimulant, it increased my resting HR from 70's to 90's, and my baseline BP from the 90-100 to the 120's. It only killed my appetite for about a week and I didn't lose an ounce. I was just thirsty, jacked up, and having whack dreams all of the time. Plus I'm still in my "optimal" BMI range so I don't see what it could have done for me anyways, other than try to give me a heart attack. I will not be using it anymore...after this bottle.

I'm also seeing a dermatologist for my acne; yeah, it came back. She tells me it's hormonal (knew it already) and that my only options were antibiotics (don't work), birth control (makes me crazy), topical creams. and spironolactone (my urologist said a polite "hell no" to that one). I'm trying the topical, and it's getting worse. It's incredibly stressful for a shallow person such as myself to have CYSTIC acne at age 32. Today I went and spent $70 on make-up customized to my skin color and type in a desperate effort to hide it, at least at work. I'm glad AB doesn't complain about it.

Work is still work. I would love to write about my crazy patient stories but I can't ever remember them long enough. I did have a nice older man a few weeks ago say "My God woman you're beautiful" the second he woke up. I told him it was the drugs- and the make up. I was reminded today of why I shouldn't tell people my profession. This is how the conversation at the Clinique counter went:

Saleslady: So what do you do?
Me: I'm a nurse.
Saleslady: I have had the WORST sinus infection for weeks now. I had a fever- ended up with an ear infection, and even tonsillitis. And now I sound like a man. I swear I'm not a man- or drunk. But this crap needs to clear up.
Me: Yeah, that sucks. I hope you feel better.
Saleslady: My sister got in a motorcycle accident last week- here, look at these pictures.
Me: (damnit) Sure
Saleslady proceeds to show me pictures of her sister's road burn, external leg fixator, severe road burn, and the shoulder/arm that got stitched back on after being ripped halfway off. next time, I'm totally saying I'm a stay-at-home petmom...or WalMart greeter.

Okay, so this was a nice long post. Hopefully it's covered me until next month.