Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Reunion

For the past 5 days I've been at the Pamlico River with my family. The Tripp's (my dad's side) try to do a reunion in Washington, NC every several years so we had a chance to catch up with family that we NEVER see on Saturday. The rest of the time was spent lounging on the beach, out on the boat, and sitting on the porch drinking. Good times. Despite the awesome views down there, I'm reminded of why I prefer to be in lakes- there were LOTS of jellyfish hanging around (did you know they don't have brains and therefore cannot sense pain? They also lack hearts, lungs, and kidneys- true fact) and I have a deathly fear of being stung. AB and I also had the chance to see several rays (according to my dad they're cownose rays) while out on the boat and one of them was easily 3 feet across. That's not something you see much where we were. It was neat to see Laird get in the water (jellyfish and all- not many near the shore) and actually enjoy it- I've heard quite a few kids that don't take to the water for several years. I did feel a tinge of sadness today before we left- my family spent many summers at the river and the cousins we grew up with we pretty much don't talk to anymore; it's a shame people grow apart but it definitely happens. On top of that, Alex and Laird are headed back to WA on Thursday and it will probably be a while before I can get out there to visit- plane tickets are ridiculous. It was a great time though and I'm glad I was able to escape work for a bit.

As for this blog, I am going to try harder to write on it more. I keep telling AB that I want to quit my job, move to Belize, and write a novel- but if this blog is any sign of my commitment to writing then I might as well tuck that dream in my back pocket and sit on it.