Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh well

I gave up Facebook for 6 whole hours, mainly because work is now monitoring everything we do online and because I've realized I don't have any "real non-internet" friends. However, all the games I play use my FB info so when I deleted it I lost all my games. Fail. I am trapped. That being said, I'll just keep dealing with it.

On a separate note, today was fairly productive. My cat got a dental, I got a dental, I got the boat trailer registered, a spot to park the boat in Raleigh reserved, a new wetsuit purchased, and even made it to WalMart to get a new flat iron and some groceries. Tomorrow I go back to work for a lovely 4 days in a row, and then up to the lake to retrieve above said boat. It's boating season. :-)

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