Monday, March 5, 2012


AB and I spent the last 9 days skiing in Utah and it was a blast! It was my first time ever skiing fresh powder (ie pow-pow) and I loved was softer when I fell. We stayed with a friend of AB's the first half of the week and then checked in to a ski in/ski out resort the second half (picture at bottom). The place was nice, clean, and incredibly convenient. The ski area also has the only heated seat "bubble" lift in America. Awesome. AB and I got massages our first night there, and then I returned the day before we left for another massage, leg treatment, and facial. Oh, and we enjoyed the hot tub outside while the fresh snow was dumping on our heads. Living the high life.

I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow because I've loved being lazy and not having to deal with idiots (unless I chose to last week). The only bad thing the entire week was our flight home- we made it but only by pure luck. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 750am so we got a shuttle for 530am that morning. We arrived at the airport at 600 only to be told that our flight had been moved up to 620 and we had 20 minutes to check in our luggage and get to the gate. We attempted to check in online and by phone the day before but United and Continental were merging and online was down while the phone wait time was 45min+. AB asked why no one told us and the United guy said "well if you booked months ago it happens". IT HAPPENS??? What kind of shit is that? Luckily we made our flight- too bad they sent our skis to Denver...and Chicago. We picked those up today. Back to Southwest or Delta.

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