Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well, I guess the Kanki idea wasn't the greatest after all. Monday evening Alex texted to let me know she was puking, etc. I figured she ate something bad that day...until I woke up at 130am Tuesday morning puking, etc and wanting to die. I called in to work (since I slept in front of the toilet) only to find out Tuesday morning that 1/2 of our dinner party was all going through the same thing. AB called the restaurant, and no other tables had the same problem- which means it was probably our friends that gave it to us since they had been infected last week with the same GI issues. Yay. Today I'm finally starting to feel better, but definitely still oozy and weak. Didn't lose a single freaking pound though. Sigh. I think Alex lost about 8. What's a good stomach virus if the scale doesn't budge???

Tomorrow I'm headed back to work; I probably shouldn't since I'm most likely still contagious, but if I miss another day I won't have enough PTO for Utah. Fail. I'll just have to keep it extra clean and not wipe my feces on anything.

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