Monday, January 16, 2012


Today I:
  • Slept in (like I needed to...I'm a lazy ass)
  • Went running (still at 2.5 miles but today seemed especially hard)
  • Walked the dogs (my dog insists on peeing on EVERY SINGLE mailbox and electrical's starting to drive me insane)
  • Returned my ski boots (they were heinous getting in and out of in the ankle area)
  • Exchanged my extra Northface jacket for another jacket, ski gloves, and an awesome hat for Fishtank
  • Got a load of awesome shirts at Belk's with my mom
  • Ran by PetsMart and got dog food, cat food, and a bag of stuff for our new spoild beta Wally (see story below)
  • Spent <$5 at WalMart (that's a record)
  • Am now cooking hamburgers and roaster corn with AB while we watch season 6 of How I Met Your Mother
2 days of work starting tomorrow and then headed to Seattle to see Alex and Laird- yay!

Story of Wally: I went to WalMart Friday night and there was a lone, depressed looking male beta on the shelf near the dog treats. I contemplated getting him for about 10 minutes. He refused to acknowledge me. I got him...and a vase...and rocks...and food. I introduced him to AB- AB stares at him intently. I think he likes him too. We moved him upstairs since it's always warmer. Today we got him a plant, castle, brine shrimp, net, and pellets. Spoiled fish.

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