Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well I'm back home, and not surprisingly, none too happy about it. I had been looking forward to this trip for months and needless to say, I just needed the vacation. I know weather is one of those uncontrollable things but sometimes it just seems like a higher power is out to mess with me. Work is letting me go in for a shift tomorrow- at 530am of course- so I won't lose as much PTO but it's also depressing to think I'll be back in the nitty gritty when I should be in DuPont playing with the cutest nephew in the world. Anyways, I've been in a slump for about a week now, and would LOVE to get out of it; I just have no idea how. This constant bad mood- and nitpicking from the husband- is getting to be a little much...with no vacation to look forward to for a while longer. Really, REALLY hoping Alex and Laird's flight can come on Monday, although I'll hardly see them due to my work schedule and their commitments in Charlotte. Sigh.

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