Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today has been a fairly uneventful and relaxing day, but let me just say- I ran my 2.25 miles and boy do I hate running! I am getting there though, and since my first 5K is March 10 I can't quit now. AB and I slept in, took the dogs to the dog park for a bit (they're so antisocial), went to PetsMart (cutest cats ever), had some Greek food for lunch, grabbed a couple cupcakes at Gigi's, and then came back to sit around and enjoy the beautiful 70 degree sunny weather. He has convinced me to watch his favorite ski movie, so we're sitting down now to do that with the sun setting and the temps finally cooling again. Dinner isn't going to be too big since our Weight Watchers points are almost completely used up, but chicken stir fry is always a good option. WW is hard by the way, especially when you only get 26 points a day like I do; sticking to it though because I paid for 3 months.

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