Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's

Yesterday AB and I slept until 2pm before I finally got up to run some errands (AB stayed in bed for several more hours). A friend (and bridesmaid) from nursing school asked us our New Year's Eve plans and we invited her and her husband to come have dinner, sit on our asses, and drink all evening while mocking Dick Clark (yeah, I know- it's not nice). AB smoked a fabulous chicken, Erin made a really tasty apple cider and bourbon drink, and we sat around the chiminea and played Apples to Apples until 11pm. We ended up watching Dick Clark, but boy is he hard to watch now. Aside from the speech issues from his stroke, someone decided to give him a really orange spray-on tan and they totally missed around his eyes. Fail.

Today we slept in again, but got up earlier so we could have New Year's Day dinner with my parents and aunt/uncle. Of course we had black eyed peas and collards for luck and money- and all of it was really yummy. My uncle had squeezed some fresh oranges and I made some mimosa's with them- definitely a different taste (less sugar) but really good all the same.

When AB and I got home we took down ALL the Christmas decorations- both outside and in- and although it's usually depressing saying good bye to the holidays, the 70 degree weather made it less so. Now he's upstairs playing his drum set (how ling until he gets bored???) and I'm watching "Water for Elephants". I loved the book, hopefully the movie is just as good.

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