Thursday, January 19, 2012


So today I woke up at 4am, excited to be headed to Seattle to see my sister and nephew. As of last night, the airport in Seattle was keeping the runways open and all flights were getting in. I arrived in Cincinatti at 8, boarded my flight for Seattle at 9, and was informed at 915 on the plane that the Seattle airport was now closed. Fail. They offered to put me on a flight to Seattle tonight (if they opened enough runways) but those flights went through JFK or Salt Lake City and didn't arrive until 11 or so. After much contemplating- b/c I'm a horrid decision maker- I decided to just fly back to RDU and call it a day. As badly as I wanted (and needed- bad week) to go, I didn't want to risk getting stuck in NY or UT until tomorrow. I got a direct flight back to RDU for this afternoon and have since called work to beg for hours tomorrow. They said they'd let me know. I think AB and I might go skiing for a day this weekend, but other than that it'll just be the same old, same old. Hopefully Alex and Laird can still leave on Monday to come here- if it will only stop snowing and sleeting. So, boo.

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  1. ((Alice)) I'm so sorry you didn't get to go .. and REALLY hoping the weather doesn't mess up Alex and Laird coming to NC!


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