Sunday, December 11, 2011


Alister and I went to Asheville over the weekend to see the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam at the Civic Center. Warren Haynes is a musician that Alister likes who plays with various bands, one being Gov't Mule (whom I really enjoy). It's a benefit concert he's done every year for the past 23 years to raise money for the homeless in Asheville. The music, to me, is a type of Indie rock but Alister might say otherwise. There was a LOT of hippies there for sure. It was a fairly good concert, but we were there from 7pm-230am and left before they finished. Several bands played and although I enjoyed most of them, I was reminded why I don't really enjoy 15 minute acoustic songs. They never end. No joke.

We dropped our pups off with the grandparents on Friday, did some chores Saturday morning, drove to Asheville, ate sushi at an awesome restaurant, went to the concert, went to bed, got up this morning, drove back, cleaned house, and picked our pups back up. It really was a there-and-back trip with little time to relax in between (not even enough time to visit the Biltmore). While I was at my parents I enjoyed a yummy turkey dinner, grabbed some Christmas decorations, and finished up Christmas shopping for Alister with my Dad at Lowe's. Once back home we've just been sitting around catching up on our DVR'ed shows.

Tomorrow I'm actually off again, which is crazy because I rarely have 3 day weekends. I've got doctor's appointments and errands to run though so it won't be all that relaxing! I've been doing a decent job running my mile every couple of days- I registered for a 5K in April so I need to start increasing my distances. It's hard sometimes with my weird work schedule. Last week and this week I'm 530am-4pm so by the time I get home I'm work out. I'm just not a morning person. I probably won't post again until the end of this week- I blame it on my early days.

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