Saturday, December 17, 2011


I have not been neglecting my blog like usual- I have just been sick. I thought I was dying. I don't know what I'd do if I actually was dying but I sure felt that way. I managed to pick up a stomach virus- and not a 24 hour one. It actually was about a 52 hour one which pretty much resulted in 52 hours of achy, feverish, exploding hell. I feel all better now though, so we're all good.

Today I mustered up some energy and took the dogs to my parents to run around for a bit. This resulted in the hound running off after my dad on his motorcycle and my parents and I driving around for a little while looking for him while I panicked thinking that I got my husband's dog hit by a car right before Christmas. We found him. I was an emotional wreck and the dog didn't care either way.

My mom and I went to run errands after that traumatic experience and I finished all of my Christmas shopping. I forced my dog to have his picture taken with Santa- Stetson usually takes good photos but he looks less than thrilled in this one. It was worth a shot though. Tomorrow we're going to the in-laws for an early Christmas dinner and then Monday my pup is getting his nasty teeth cleaned. After losing Harrison I'm paranoid as hell that something is going to go wrong with the anesthesia- so I just keep praying and crossing my fingers. I don't think I can handle another pet loss this year.

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