Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random Prompt

What was the first tangible gift you remember receiving?
So if I looked through pictures I'm sure I would recall various gifts from my childhood, but the first one that comes to mind is my "My Little Pony Pony-Perm House". I remember wanting it badly enough that after I asked Santa for it I made the ignorant decision to snoop around the house every day in hopes of discovering it. I was iffy on Santa at that point b/c I swear I heard my parents moving things around downstairs some years on Christmas Eve. Sadly, I did discover the Pony Perm House hidden in one of the entryway closets downstairs. I told no one that I had found it, but on Christmas Day, when the wrapping it was in said "Love Santa" my childhood fantasies of the fat red man were forever over. However, I was also thrilled that my My Little Ponies had a place to get their hair done, so the trade-off (at the time) didn't seem all that bad!

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