Monday, December 19, 2011

Poor Puppy

My pup Stetson had a dental cleaning today and ended up having 3 teeth pulled. Needless to say, he's drugged, wobbly, and none too happy with his momma right now. I was feeling like a bad mom until AB reminded me that bad mom's don't pay $600 for their dog's teeth. Now I just feel like a guilty mom b/c Stetson has such bad abandonment anxiety and technically, I abandoned him all day. And he's a neurotic...that doesn't help. BUT- his teeth are clean.

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  1. And I thought Cindy was bad. She had her teeth cleaned and one tooth pulled but it was only $300. Nothing wrong with the tooth, but with her nerve sheath tumor she can't feel her lip and her canine was digging a hole in it. Had to pull the tooth to protect the lip.


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